Chemical Engineering


          (1997-1998) -  Diploma in Chemical Engineering course started in the Institute.


The Department is committed to continue building on its tradition to produce excellent and innovative the engineers. To impart knowledge to students at all levels through vibrant, dynamic and intellectual exercises. To generate an atmosphere of continuous learning, research and promoting environment consciousness.


The Department of Chemical Engineering strives continuously and relentlessly to produce Top-Notch chemical Engineers of high quality for industries, academia and serve the society at international standards.


2 Nos class room each with 40 capacities.

Mechanical Operations Lab

Major Equipments:
Jaw Crusher
Ball Mill
Roll Crusher
Plate and Frame Filter Press & Cyclone Separator

Momentum Transfer Lab 1

Petroleum Testing Practical Lab

Major Equipments:
Reid Vapour - Pressure Apparatus
Rams Bottom Furnace
Copper Strip Corrosion
ASTM Distillation & Smoke Point Apparatus

Chemical Process Measurement & Conrol

Major Equipments:
Bourdon Pressure Transducer Module
Strain Gauge Type Transducer & Flow Control Valve Module

Fluid Mechanics

Major Equipments:
Centrifugal Pump
Compressor Test Rig
Packed Bed
Fluidization Column

Mechanical Engineering

Major Equipments:
Air Compressor
Red Wood Viscometer
Say Bolt Viscometer
Refrigeration Test Rig
Hardness Test

Technical Analysis

Major Equipments:
Liebigs Condenser
Distillation Set
Melting Point Apparatus
Boiling Point Apparatus
Buchner Funnel
Suction Pump
Silica Crucible

Chemical CAD Practical

Major Equipments:
Auto CAD software

Heat Transfer

Major Equipments:
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus
Emissivity Apparatus
Natural Convection
Forced Convection

Mass Transfer

Major Equipments:
Steam Distillation
Tray Dryer
Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Apparatus

Course Structure

  • Chemical Engg

    S:NoClassTutorSenior TutorHOD
    1 IV Sem DChE Ms.A.M.Azhagarasi Ms.K.C.Anusha Mr.V.Ramkumar
    2 VI Sem DChE Mr.K.P.Suriya Ms.R.B.Sri Devi Bala Mr.V.Ramkumar