Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1982 with the introduction of 3 year Diploma course with the intake of Forty students as class strength in CIT Sandwich Polytechnic, Coimbatore. We have well qualified faculty members who train the students in both Theoretical and Practical aspects. Our Department students are motivated by the faculty to participate in various technical and non-technical events conducted in different colleges and they have won many prizes. 

The Department endeavors to emphasis more on inter disciplinary approach and to meet the demand of Engineers and to encourage the  working  people from other disciplines. The Part Time program also was started in the year 1997 under the Department of Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 60 students with duration of study as 4 years.

MIssion & Vision


The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to provide an education that builds within students, a solid foundation with the principles of Mechanical Engineering and better knowledge of reasoning, communication and problem solving abilities and prepares graduates who have the motivation and ability for lifelong growth in their professional careers and contribute towards the economical development of the country.


To stimulate the inner nucleus of student for an elevated knowledge search and progress, infrastructure and to improve the quantity and to be a highly skilled human resource, thereby accelerating the development of indigenous technology and enterprise. 

Courses Offered             

Mechanical Engineering-- Full Time--3 years

Mechanical Engineering-- Part Time--4 Years


Mechanical Instrumentation Laboratory

Plumbing Laboratory

Mechanical Testing and Quality Control Laboratory

Major Equipments:
1. UTM 01
2. Rockwells Hardness Testing Machine
3. Torsion testing machine
4. Deflection testing arrangement
5. Impact testing machine
6. Tension testing arrangements
7. Shear testing machine
8. Metallurgical Microscope
9. Magnetic particle test equipment
10. Belt polishing machine

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Laboratory

Major Equipments:
1.The Bernoullis Apparatus
2. Open tank fitted with a small orifice and external mouth piece - collecting tank with Piezometer
3. Centrifugal pump (Venturi Meter & Orifice Meter arrangement)
4. Pipe friction factor arrangement
5. Pumps - Reciprocating (Single & Double Acting) & Centrifugal pump
6. Impulse turbine with Kaplan & Francis Turbine
7. Reaction turbine Pelton Turbine
8. Pneumatic Trainer Kit
9. Hydraulic Trainer Kit

Computer Application Laboratory

Major Equipments:
2. Operating System Windows XP/Windows Vista
3. Windows 7 / Linux
4. Office Package Microsoft office 2000 / Office 2003
5. Office
6. 2007/Open Office
8. Desktop Computer System with latest configuration
9. Power Backup (UPS) 10 KVA
10.Laser Printer

Computer Aided Machine Drawing Practical Laboratory

Major Equipments
2. Personal Computer (With latest processor) OPERATING SYSTEMS
3. MS Windows OS-7
4. Auto Desk Product Complete AutoCAD Software

Manufacturing Technology - I Laboratory

Major Equipments

    1.; Patak Heavy Duty Centre Lathe
    2.; Centre Lathe “MMM Loyal Make
    3.; Centre Lathe Battliboi
    4.; Centre Lathe Enterprises 400 O/A


    1.; Arc welding booths with oil /air cooled welding transformer with accessories
    2.; Gas welding unit (Oxygen and acetylene cylinder)
    3.; Spot welding machine


    1.; Furnace-Cupola furnace & Crucible furnace
    2.; Moulding Tools

Metrology & Measurement and Machine Tool Testing Laboratory

Major Equipments:
1. Digital Vernier Caliper
2. Digital Micrometer
3. Sine bar
4. Bevel protractor
5. Vernier Height gauge
6. Slip Gauge
7. Inside Micrometer
8. Gear Tooth Vernier caliper
9. Thread Micrometer
10. Pitch gauge mm & inch set
11. Vernier Depth gauge
12. Magnetic stand with dial indicator
13. Straight edge
14. Measuring Instruments

Electrical Drives and Control Laboratory

Major Equipments
1. Stepper Motor Drive & Servo Motor Drive Kit
2. SMPS Trainer Kit & UPS Trainer Kit
3. Inverter Kit
5. Logic Gates IC 7400-7408-7432-7404-7402-7486
6. Three Phase induction motor
7. Single Phase induction motor
8. DC shunt motor
9. MCB

Thermal Engineering Laboratory

Major Equipments:
1. Open cup & Close cup apparatus
2. Redwood viscometer & Say bolt viscometer
3. Four stroke petrol engine & diesel engine Model
4. Two stroke petrol engine Model
5. Petrol engine & Diesel Engine with following arrangements
     a.Load test arrangement
     b.Heat balance test arrangement
6. Multi - cylinder petrol engine - Morse test setup
7. Air compressor & Refrigeration Testing Kit
8. Guarded Plate Apparatus 14. Steam boiler test rig

Manufacturing Technology - II Laboratory

Major Equipments
1. Horizontal Milling Machine
2. Vertical Milling Machine
3. Universal Milling machine
4. Tool and Cutter grinder
5. Surface Grinding Machine
6. Cylindrical Grinding Machine
7. Gear hobbing
8. Slotting Machine
9. Horizontal Boring Machine
10.Planner Machine
11.Shaping Machine
12.Radial Drilling Machine
13.Pillar Type Drilling Machine

Communication & Life Skills Practical Laboratory

Major Equipments:
2. Operating System Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Linux
3. Office Package Microsoft office 2000 / Office 2003 /Office 2007/Open Office
4. Advanced Software for Audio and Visual Learning
6. Desktop Computer System with latest configuration
7. Power Backup (UPS) 10 KVA
8. Laser Printer

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory

Major Equipments:
1. Computer-60 Nos
2. Turning and Milling software
3. CNC Turning Center
4. CNC Milling Center

Automobile Engineering Laboratory

Major Equipments:
1. Automobile Mechanics tools-Complete Set
2. Four stroke petrol engine
3. Four stroke Diesel engine
4. Engine cylinder bore dial gauge
5. HP Compressor
7. Four Wheel alignment kit
8. Differential Unit
9. Wheel balancing machine
10.Hydraulic Press
11.Hydraulic brake system fixed in the frame
12.Hydraulic jack
13.Vulcanizing kit

Process Automation Laboratory

Major Equipments:
1. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Trainer Kit with
    a;) Solenoid operated DVCs
    b;) Pneumatic Double Acting cylinders with limit switches
2.Stepper motor

Course Structure

  • Mechanical Engineering

    S:NoClassTutorSenior TutorHOD
    1 IV Sem DME Mr.S.Akilesh Mr.C.J.Anandhakumar Mr.S.Kaarmukhilan
    2 VI Sem DME Mr.S.Karthik Ms.A.Geetha Mr.S.Kaarmukhilan