Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Department Info


The Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering was established in the year 1996-1997, with an intake capacity of 40 students.

The Department has well established laboratories with latest equipments to cater the needs of the present day syllabus requirements.

The department has a team of well qualified and dedicated faculty members, who actively contribute towards imparting theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the students.

Today, Instrumentation and Control Engineering plays a vital role in the modern industries. So we aim at producing talented Instrumentation and Control specialists, who caters to the needs of the modern industry.


• To equip the students with strong fundamental concepts in Instrumentation and Control engineering and problem solving skills through proficient faculty and academic practices.

• To bridge the gap between industry and academia through internship, industrial visits and interaction with industrial experts. 

• To enable the Instrumentation and Control Diploma engineers to adapt to the rapidly changing technology with strong fundamentals.


To emerge as a technically sound platform for teaching and learning, enumerating instrumentation and control engineering with basic engineering concepts, to cater the needs of the industry and to serve the society.

Career Opportunities 

The students of Instrumentation and Control Engineering find a wide range of job opportunities in all sectors of industries, ranging from Power Plants, Process industries like Cement Factories, Petro-chemical Industries, Food Processing Industries, Fertilizer and Chemical Industries.

A number of reputed companies visit our institution for Campus Recruitment of our students, regularly every year. To mention a few companies,
• ACC Ltd., Mumbai
• Appnomic systems Ltd., Bangalore
• Building Control Solutions P.Ltd., Bangalore
• Cummins India Ltd., Pune
• Essar Steels Ltd., Gujarat
• HCL Infosystems Ltd., Chennai
• Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd., Chennai
• SPIC Fertilizers, Tuticorin
• Thermax Ltd., Pune
• VA Tech Wabag Ltd., Chennai

Further, Instrumentation and Control Engineering students have a good choice and opportunities for higher education (B.E/B.Tech) in the following circuit branches:
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
• Electronics and Communication Engineering ( ECE)
• Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (E&IE)
• Instrumentation and Control Engineering (I&CE)
• Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
• Bio-Medical Engineering (BME)

Process Control Instrumentation Lab

1. Temperature Control Station
2. Pressure Control Station
3. Level Control Station
4. Pneumatic Control Valve
5. Motorised Control Valve
6. Pressure to Current Converter
7. Current to Pressure Converter
8. Electronic PID Controller

Measurement of Process Variable Lab

1. Flow Measurement Station
2. Thermocouples
3. Dead Weight Tester
4. Temperature Transmitter
5. Differential Pressure Transmitter
6. Saybolt Viscometer
7. U Tube Manometer

Electrical and Electronics Lab

1. DC Shunt Generator/ Motor
2. Three phase Induction Motor with loading arrangements
3. Single Phase Transformer with loading arrangements
4. AC and DC Starters
5. High Voltage Power Supply
6. RC Phase Shift Oscillator
7. Hartley Oscillator
8. Colpitts Oscillator
9. UJT Relaxation Oscillator
10.LDR and Photo Diode Test setup
11.SCR Test setup
12.Rectifiers Test Setup

Basics of Instrumentation Lab

1.LVDT Measurement Module
2. Displacement Measurement Module using Strain Gauge
3. Temperature Transducer Calibration and Characteristic test arrangement

    b.Resistance Thermometer
    c.Thermocouple (J/K/S/T)

4. Potentiometers
5. Level Measurement Test setup

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

1. Digital IC Trainer Units
2. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
3. Digital to Analog Converter
4. Analog to Digital Converter

Labview and MATLAB Laboratory

1. LabVIEW Software for multi user
2. MATLAB Software for multi user
3. Data Acquisition Card
4. PCs- Pentium Dual Core

Microcontroller Lab

1. 8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kits
2. Digital I/O Interface
3. LCD Interface
4. Seven Segment LED Interface
5. 8-bit ADC Interface
6. 8-bit DAC Interface
7. Stepper Motor Control Interface

Industrial Automation Lab

1. Pneumatic Control Station
2. Hydraulic Control Station
3. Speed Control of DC Motor using SCR Setup
4. Single phase Transformer with Loading arrangements
5. Three phase Induction Motor with Loading arrangements
6. Single phase Induction Motor with Loading arrangements

P&I; Drawing using CAD

1.AutoCAD Software package
2.EDraw Max-CAD Package
3.PCs-Pentium Dual Core

Programmable Logic Controller Lab

1. Programmable Logic Controller Units
2. PCs- Pentium Dual Core
3. Photo Electric Sensor Module
4. Conveyor Control System Module
5. Mixing System Module
6. Lift Control System Module
7. Motor Control Module
8. Level Control Module
9. Seven Segment LED display Module