Automobile Engineering

Department Info


The Department of Automobile Engineering was started in the year of 2007, with an intake of 40 students. We have well qualified faculty members who train the students in both Theoretical and Practical aspects. We graduate quality Diploma holders each year with a care for their upliftment. There are 8 laboratories with equipments worth of about Rs. one crore for the students of our Department. The infrastructure and equipments of each laboratory are developed and maintained in a remarkable manner. Our Department students are motivated by the faculty to participate in various technical and non technical events conducted in different colleges and they have won many prizes. The students of our Department undergo Placement trainings, Short term Industrial Training and train up themselves towards a better future. Leading Automobile industries like Ashok Leyland, Bharath Benz, TVS etc… regularly visit our campus and recruit our students with appreciation.


To impart good training and guidance to the students, so that they will be well equipped with efficient skills in the field of automobile engineering, to develop a personality with positive attitude and a character with strong moral values.


To provide a highly competent, efficient manpower, to meet the ever-changing needs of the global automobile industry and the society.

Courses Offered 

Diploma in Automobile Engineering – 3 Years

Computer Applications and CAD Practical

Major Equipments:
Hardware :
1. Desktop computer system
2. Power Backup (UPS)
3. Laser Printer

Software :
Operating System:
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7/ Linux
Office Package :
Microsoft Office 2000 / Office 2003 / Office 2007 / Open Office

Computer Aided Machine Drawing Practical Lab

Major Equipments:
Computer :73 Nos

Operating System : Windows 7
Autocad Package : Autodesk Products-Complete Autocad Software

Foundry and Welding Practical


    1. Cupola Furnace
    2. Crucible Furnace
    3. Moulding tools

    1. Arc welding unit
    2. Gas welding unit
    3. Spot welding machine

Lathe and Drilling Practical

Major Equipments:
1. Padak Heavy Duty Centre Late
2. Centre Lathe MMM Loyal Make
3. Centre Lathe MMM Loyal Make
4. Centre Lathe Battliboi
5. Centre Lathe Enterprises 400 O/A

Strength of Materials and Metrology Practical

Major Equipments:
1. Universal testing machine
2. Rockwell’s Hardness Testing Machine
3. Torsion testing machine
4. Deflection testing arrangement
5. Impact testing machine
6. Tension testing arrangements
7. Shear testing machine
8. Metallurgical Microscope
9. Magnetic particle test equipment
10. Electrolytic Polishing Machine
11. Digital Ultrasonic Flow Detector

Thermal engineering and IC engines Practical

Major Equipments:
1. Engine Cut section model
2. Open cup apparatus and Closed cup apparatus
3. Saybolt viscometer and Redwood viscometer
4. Bomb Calorimeter
5. Petrol engine test rig to conduct load test
6. Diesel engine test rig to conduct load test
7. Exhaust gas analyzer
8. Smoke meter

Special Machines Practical

Major Equipments:
1. Horizontal Milling Machine
2. Vertical Milling Machine
3. Universal Milling machine
4. Tool and Cutter grinder
5. Surface Grinding Machine
6. Cylindrical Grinding Machine
7. Gear Hobbing
8. Slotting Machine
9. Horizontal Boring Machine
10. Planner Machine
11. Shaping Machine
12. Radial Drilling Machine
13. Pillar Type Drilling Machine

Autotronics practical

Major Equipments:
1. Starter motor
2. Alternator
3. Distributor
4. Wiper Motor
5. Horn
6. Spark Plug
7. Head Lab Circuit
8. Battery Charger
9. Hydrometer Specific gravity tester
10. Multimeter (Analog & Digital)
11. Transformer
12. Diode
13. Ammeter
14. Voltmeter
15. Load resistance
16. DRB
17. RPSU
18. CRO
19. Logic gates and feeder gauge

Process Automation Practical

Major Equipments:
1. Pneumatic trainer kit with air compressor
2. Hydraulic trainer kit with hydraulic power pack
3. Programmable logic controller

Automobile Chassis and Transmission Practical

Major Equipments :
1. Four Wheel alignment kit
2. Differential Unit
3. Wheel balancing device
4. Hydraulic Press
5. Hydraulic brake system fixed in the frame
6. Hydraulic jack
7. Vulcanizing kit

Automobile Workshop

Major Equipments :
1. Wheel truing machine
2. Universal Milling machine
3. Valve grinding machine
4. Boring machine
5. Special tools
6. Brake drum lathe

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Practical

Major Equipments :
1. Computer - 60 Nos
2. Turning and Milling software
3. CNC Turning Center
4. CNC Milling Center

Two and Three Wheeler Technology Practical

Major Equipments :
1. Wheel truing machine
2. Universal Milling machine
3. Valve grinding machine
4. Boring machine
5. Special tools
6. Brake drum lathe