CIT Sandwich Alumni Alliance Trust (CITSAAT)

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Taking Lead to Serve the Need!!!

The trust has been conceived & Created by the alumni of the institution after detailed deliberations with the college management and formally registered in the year 2022.

Nature of the Trust:

That the nature of the trust is public charitable Trust and benefit of the trust shall be available to the beneficiaries without any distinction of cast, creed, Religion and Gender.

Aim & Objectives of the Trust:

  1. To grant Scholarships and create endowments to help the deserving students to bring out intellectual potentials hidden in every individual.
  2. To provide or make donation or contributions to the weaker sections for their educational developments, medical treatment.
  3. To do all things for the improvements of the students, i.e., to eradicate, unemployment, poverty, and other illness of the students.
  4. To start any kind of activities/ enterprises in future which may help to achieve become an entrepreneur.


1. Nithyanadam D – President
2. Arunagiri K - Vice President
3. Babu K – Secretary
4. Ajithkumar R – Joint Secretary
5. Rusheendran R – Treasurer

Executive Council Members:

1. Bharathi
2. Velandi
3. Velusamy R
4. Loganathan M.V
5. Ramalingam
6. Shanmugam S S
7. Natarajan C
8. Chinnaswamy A
9. Mohan raj R
10. Krishnasamy
11. Vijayakumar A
12. Balathandayutham
13. Karthikeyan s
14. Kadhiresan D