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The departmental aims at enabling the diploma student to use the four skills of language namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in order to effectively interact with the peer group and the common public with ease and facility. It focuses on molding the personality of the student by fine-tuning the communicative skills through an array of activities.

Adequate exposure in the realm of Communication English language through literature or through constant training in debate, group discussion, presentation and interview technique. These activities sensitize the complacent mindset of the pupils through a revolutionary metamorphosis in the innovations through motivation.


The mission of Basic Engineering is to provide a foundation for all academic programs. The motto is to do our utmost to stimulate and maintain an environment of respect and encouragement so that optimum learning can occur. Faculty of non-engineering help students to acquire the knowledge, understand the critical abilities and practical skills necessary to be faithful as well as successful communicators.


CIT Sandwich Polytechnic College strives to become the standard of excellence, fostering active and student-centered learning. Science and Humanities department enhance the skills of post-matric level adults to be successful at Diploma level.


• Special lectures by well-known personalities to be organized in order to promote the need for communication.
• Provide full-fledged curriculum for better placement, better communication and evolution into a better human being.
• Motivating the students towards a self-reliant and confident individual.
• To train and develop the basic skill sets which in turn facilitates the students in achieving academic excellence.
• Enhance Social Communication, Interpersonal Skills to become Globally Employable
• To improve the ability of the students to express themselves clearly and comprehensively through oral and written means

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Department of Humanities


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Ms M. Bagyarani M.E.

Head of the Department

Dr. Ganesh Muthuram K M.A. PhD, NET, SET