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Mechanical Engineering ( Sandwich )

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One of the founding departments of CIT Sandwich Polytechnic College, the Mechanical Engineering Sandwich Department has played a leading role in evolving an Engineering Science based curriculum since 1961.


The Mechanical Engineering Department Sandwich imparts sound knowledge in engineering along with realized social responsibilities to enable its students to address the current and impending challenges faced globally.

The department offers certificate courses and non-formal programmes through a variety of delivery modes for the students, public and the employees of industries.


The Mechanical Engineering sandwich Department of CITSPC aims to provide and be recognized by the society at large as one of the top ranking Mechanical Engineering Programmes in the country.

Department Info

Mechanical Engineering ( Sandwich )



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Department Faculty

Mr A. Vijayakumar M.E.

Head of the Department

Dr. S. Karthik M.E., Ph.D.,


Mr M Ramesh M.E.


Mr R.Prasanth M.E.


Ms A.Geetha B.E.


Lab Facilities

Process Automation Lab

Major Equipments:
1. Pneumatic trainer kit with an air compressor
2. Hydraulic trainer kit with hydraulic power pack
3. Programmable Logic Controller

Manufacturing Technology II Lab

Major Equipments:
1. Pneumatic trainer kit with an air compressor
2. Hydraulic trainer kit with hydraulic power pack
3. Programmable Logic Controller Major Equipments:
1. Horizontal Milling Machine
2. Vertical Milling Machine
3. Universal Milling Machine
4. Tool and Cutter Grinder
5. Surface Grinding Machine
6. Cylindrical Grinding Machine
7. Gear Hobbing
8. Slotting Machine
9. Horizontal Boring Machine
10.Planner Machine
11.Shaping Machine
12.Radial Drilling Machine
13.Pillar Type Drilling Machine


Communication and Life Skills Lab

Major Equipments:
1. System with Head Sets
2. Projector
3. White Board

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab

Major Equipments:
1. Computer 60 Nos
2. Turning and Milling Software
3. CNC Turning Center
4. CNC Milling Center

Manufacturing Technology -I Lab

Major Equipments:
1. Padak Heavy Duty Centre Lathe
2. Centre Lathe “MMM Loyal Make”
3. Centre Lathe “MMM Loyal Make”
4.Centre Lathe “Battliboi”
5. Centre Lathe Enterprises 400 O/A

1. Furnace
2. Moulding Tools

1. Arc Welding Unit
2. Gas Welding Unit
3. Spot Welding Machine


Mechanical Testing and Quality Control

Major Equipments:
1. Universal Testing Machine
2. Rockwells Hardness Testing Machine
3. Torsion Testing Machine
4. Deflection Testing Machine
5. Impact Testing Machine
6. Tension Testing Machine
7. Shear Testing Machine
8. Vernier Calliper
9. Metallurgical Microscope
10.Sample Specimen for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals
11.For LPT

  • a. Die
  • b. Cleaner
  • c. Developer

12.Magnetic Particle Test Equipment

13.Belt Polishing Machine

14.Lapping Machine

15.Sample Specimen



Thermal Engineering Practical

Major Equipments:
1. Open Cup Apparatus
2. Closed Cup Apparatus
3. Redwood Viscometer
4. Say Bolt Viscometer
5. Stroke Petrol Engine Model
6. Stroke Diesel Engine Model

7. Petrol Engine with

  • Load Test arrangement
  • Heat Balance Test Arrangement

8. Diesel Engine with

  • Load Test arrangement
  • Heat Balance Test Arrangement

9. Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine for Morse Test
10. Volumetric Efficiency of Air Compressor
11. Refrigeration test kit
12. Thermal Conductivity Guarded Plate Apparatus



Automobile Lab

Major Equipments:
1. Automobile Mechanics tools complete set
2. 4 stroke petrol engine with all accessories
3. 4 stroke diesel engine with all accessories
4. Engine cylinder with liner and cylinder bore dial gauge
5. Internal circlip plier bearing puller
6. Feeler gauge to check valve clearances hammer and accessories
7. Compressor to supply high pressure air to clean oil and water filters
8. Oil pump and water pump
9. A.C. Fuel Pum p / S.U. electric fuel pump
10.Solex Carburetor
12 Inline Fuel Injection Pump
14 Injectors
15 Clutch set arrangement with tools
16 Complete gear box with tools
17 Complete Steering Arrangement
18.Differential unit with axles


Electrical Drives and Controls Practical

Major Equipments:
1. DC Ammeter 0-5 A
2. DC Ammeter 0-25 A
3. DC Voltmeter 0-30 V
4. DC Voltmeter 0-300 V
5. Rheostat 10.8/8.5 A
6. AC ammeter 0-5 Amps
7 AC ammeter 0-10 Amps
8. AC Voltmeter 0-50V
9. AC Wattmeter 5A-10A
10.Loading Rheostat 5a/230 V
11.Tachometer(analog) 0-1000rpm
12.Variac (Auto Transformer) 20 A / 250 V 13.3 Point Starter 20A/220 Volts
14.Dol Starter 16A 415 V
15.Star/Delta Starter 20A/600V
16.Over Load Relay 1 to 2.5 A
17.Air Break Contactors 20A/220V
18.Push Button 2A/220 V
19.Limit Switch 20 A/220 V
20.MCB 20A Single Pole
21.MCB 20A Double Pole
22.ELCB 2 Pole 20A 100 mA
23.ELCB 4 Pole 20A 100mA


Electronics Lab

1. Transformer 230/9.0-9V
2. Resistor 1 kilo-ohm 0.5 Watts
3 Capacitor 1000 micro farad/25 V
4. IC 7805
5. Logic Gates IC 7400/7408/7432/7404/7402/7486
6. Stepper Motor Drive Kit
7. Servo Motor Drive Kit
8. SMPS Trainer Kit
9 UPS Trainer Kit
10.Inverter Kit
11.Digital multi meter
12.LED 7 Segment LED & Laser Diode


Fluid Power Practical

Major Equipments:
1. Pelton turbine test rig
2. Francis turbine test rig
3. Venturimeter
4. Orifice Meter
5. Bernoulli’s Apparatus
6. Centrifugal Pump test rig
7. Reciprocating Pump Test Rig
8. Orifice & mouth piece experimental set up
9. Pipe Friction Experimental Set up
10.Pneumatic Trainer kit
11.Hydraulic Trainer Kit

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