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Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering Course started in CIT Sandwich Polytechnic College in the year 1997.Chemical engineering offers great scope in higher studies and placements. Students can head into industries like petrochemical, Petroleum refiners, cement factories, Food Processing & Textile industries.

Future indeed holds for energies & Degradable Synthetics. Enormous Leading companies like big Public enterprises in nuclear thermal, Hydro, small scale industries & new start ups to resolve the issues by hiring chemical engineers.


The Department of Chemical engineering trains student with state–of-the-art knowledge and facilitate to become competent professional with an entrepreneurial spirit in identifying engineering solutions.


The Department of Chemical Engineering aims to be prominent center of academic advancement in chemical engineering sciences and Technology through the commitment to student education & industrial collaboration that fosters an environment that is safe & sustainable.

Department Info

Chemical Engineering


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Department Faculty

Mr S. Karthikeyan M.E.

Head of the Department

Ms M.Azhagarasi B.Tech.(Petro)


Mr K.P Suriya B.Tech.(Petro)


Ms D. Kavya


Lab Facilities

Mass TransferMass Transfer

Mass transfer allows for the computation of mass flux in a system and the distribution of the mass of different species over time and space in such a system, also when chemical reactions are present.

Heat Transfer

Understand the various types of heat transfer and their applications. Analyze different methods to calculate the heat transfer coefficient in various heat transfer problems. Analyze the theoretical study and apply it in conducting experiments in the forms of heat transfer.

Mechanical Operations

The study of the various operations associated with different solids as well as fluid. Experiments mainly deal with size reduction, size separation and solid separation.

Momentum Transfer

Understand the fundamentals and basic principles of process fluid mechanics. Examine the energy losses and evaluate pressure drop in pipes and analyze the functions and performances of various equipment’s and flow measuring devices.


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